Now more than ever, businesses need workers with specific skills – and they need them as fast as possible. TERA draws on our database of thousands of qualified workers to meet your precise business needs. 

A selection of our worker specialisations are listed below. These workers are already vetted, prepared and ready to come work for you. 

With TERA’s quality guarantee and internationally-recognised compliance, we remove the hassle from recruitment so our clients can focus on what they do best.

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A selection of roles we fill

Certified Trade Workers

Hospitality Staff

Industrial Workers

Technicians & Engineers

Service Workers

And many other positions!

Electricians Housekeepers Assemblers and Fabricators HVAC Technicians Drivers Farmworkers
Machinists Chefs and Cooks Quality Assurance Managers Mechanical Engineers Cleaners Managers
Pipe Fitters and Plumbers Waiters, Bussers, F&B Attendants Warehouse Managers Electrical Engineers Security Guards Painters
Carpenters Front desk staff HSE Officers Civil Engineers Tailors Accountants
Mechanics Porters Helpers Installers (Solar Panel, LED, CCTV, etc) Caregivers Computer Operators
Welders     Service & Site Engineers Retail Clerks Customer Service Representatives
      Chemical / Petroleum Engineers   And many more!

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