Streamlined recruitment tailored to your needs


TERA’s workers are highly motivated to work for you. We streamline the recruitment process by leveraging our extensive worker database and industry expertise. Our professional and systematic approach to recruitment saves you time while providing solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

Why Us

More and more businesses are paying attention to migrant workers in their supply chains. Many global companies are maximizing investment from funds that emphasize ESG performance, while others are rapidly changing to comply with new laws and regulations. TERA helps our clients seamlessly meet their workforce needs while also demonstrating adherence to the toughest supplier codes of conduct. Watch our video to learn more about how TERA helps clients to protect their supply chain.

TERA Guarantees

Zero recruitment fees

Accurate worker data

No passport retention

Full worker preparation

Worker Welfare Support  

Verified contracts

Full compliance with national &
international laws

How it works


TERA’s unique recruitment processes are hassle-free for clients: with just one consultation, TERA is ready to work for you:
1. Schedule a free consultation with TERA’s sales associates.

We’ll help you complete a simple intake form which specifies your manpower needs then we do the rest of the work!

2. TERA launches a new recruitment process.

We ensure a deep and qualified applicant pool from the earliest moments of recruitment through our worker database, innovative marketing and extensive community presence.

3. TERA screens applicants for qualifications, skills, experience, suitability, travel-readiness and professionalism.

Our advanced multi-layered screening process removes the uncertainty from recruitment, ensuring clients only receive the most suitable workers.

4. TERA provides clients with clear, organised and accurate worker documentation and data.

We conduct additional assessments and interviews if needed and help you finalise worker selection.

5. TERA takes care of migration logistics.

Including medical testing, background and document verification, police clearance reports, contract signature, and even travel logistics like ticketing.

6. TERA delivers our unique Pre-Departure Training (PDT) to workers.

This ensures workers are fully aware of their job responsibilities, ready for life abroad and prepared to be high achievers from Day 1.

7. TERA helps workers migrate.

We accompany workers every step of the way to ensure logistics go smoothly and workers arrive at destination on schedule.

8. TERA monitors workers – for free!

As part of our standard client agreements, TERA stays in contact with workers and is available 24/7 to support with any questions or concerns. This ensures that workers have a positive experience of working for you and perform to the highest of standards.