Who we are

Bit from Ceo

TERA is a recruitment agency, we offer best-in-breed solutions to recruitment issues to companies in the Gulf, Asia, Europe, North America, and even wider markets. We propose to protect your supply chain through our ethical sourcing services, thereby strengthening compliance and reducing the risk of forced labor. We are the world’s leading experts on migrant worker recruitment. Our recruitment standards are globally recognised for excellence, affordable prices and 24/7 customer service. Ethical recruitment allows TERA’s clients to hire top quality workforce,  generate new business, gain global recognition, and achieve greater performance.

Our Values

TERA harnesses recruitment to create sustained value for our customers and workers. Our three corporate values reflect this commitment.


We build long-term, meaningful relationships to deliver the best talent to our clients and ensure our workers have positive experiences abroad.


We do business the right way. This means following the law, adhering to high quality standards, and always acting with integrity.


We are always honest with our workers and fully disclose our business practices to our partners.

A Seefar Initiative

The lack of good job opportunities at home drives millions of people to seek work abroad and can discourage migrants from considering returning to their home countries. In pursuing better jobs and economic opportunities, migrants often end up in situations of trafficking, modern slavery and irregular migrant status. Vulnerabilities begin at the earliest stages of migration planning and recruitment in origin countries, including deception and exorbitant fee-charging. As Seefar’s research has shown, these realities leave migrants in crippling debt and force them into situations of modern slavery once abroad. It also results in little economic return for the migrant worker and their families or communities.

Seefar is responding to these challenges through The Ethical Recruitment Agency (TERA), our specialist recruiter with the mission to help people benefit from legal migration while staying safe from exploitation. Through our work, TERA is proving that ethical recruitment is not only good for workers and businesses – it is a sustainable solution to some of the most intractable global challenges.