Ethical Recruitment in Nigeria


The Ethical Recruitment Agency (TERA) in Nigeria supports
agencies and international businesses to strengthen their ethical recruitment

Benefits of Ethical Recruitment

Mitigate recruitment risks

Smart, ethical hiring decisions can protect workers from exploitation.

Access new global markets

Practicing ethical recruitment can increase companies’ attractiveness to international investors. This allows companies to be socially accountable to their stakeholders and enables investors to comply with strict social regulations.

Strengthen the credibility of your agency

Being an ethical agency can increase your brand, reputation, and visibility resulting in higher sales and profits.

Align your corporate values with human rights

Ethical businesses which respect human rights and comply with labor laws can prevent and address forced labor.

Project Spotlight

Our Services

Capacity-building on ethical recruitment

Increasing knowledge of ethical recruitment standards and processes allows businesses to become more accountable.

Protect your supply chain from recruitment risks

We do not charge workers any fees, which protects them from debt at no extra cost to their employers.

Training for workers to unlock behaviors essential for success.

Confidence in Action Training (CAT) a training curriculum created by Seefar includes four key principles: Act now, Look far, Stay Focused, and Be Determined.

Screening of potential employers

Vetting of new businesses ensures they operate ethically.

Sourcing the best-qualified candidates

Finding the best talent the market has to offer and matching them with non-exploitative jobs in and outside of the ECOWAS region.

End-to-end welfare monitoring of workers

Monitoring workers give employers live insights into their supply chains.

Interested in becoming an ethical business?