How E&C companies can be compliant and stay in business

How E&C companies can be compliant and stay in business

The way engineering and construction businesses hire and manage workers is changing. Businesses that do not adapt will fail or fall behind. Here is how your businesses can take advantage and beat the competition.

Five Practical Ways to Stay Ahead

Employer sponsorship is weakening. Foreign staff will soon be able to leave your company without losing their visas. Collect regular feedback from workers to understand their concerns and implement cost-effective ways to retain them. Motivated staff achieve more and stay with you longer.
Recruit more staff in-country and avoid international recruitment costs.
Prime contractors are concerned about their supply chains – especially recruitment. Paying for recruitment is benefiting employers and becoming the industry standard. Connect with ethical recruiters that provide prepared, trained workers who know the job from day one. Effective staff, lower training costs, and a stellar reputation that helps you stand out to reliable prime contractors.
Save money and time through stronger compliance.
Governments are cracking down. Stricter enforcement punishes labour violations. Workers, unions and NGOs are targeting the E&C industry. Develop compliant, ethical behaviour as a value proposition to win business. Avoid fines and legal fights with workers, NGOs and unions. Instead have prime contractors seek you out for business.
Build a more effective, motivated and productive workforce.
Technology is king. New technology is transforming construction sites globally. Access (often free!) training and technical support to get the funds to upgrade. Do more with less. Software will streamline project management, costing, and workforce management.


Labour costs are going up. Governments are promoting local hiring and introducing penalties for non-compliance. Get more out of each hire. Hire trained and prepared workers better matched with the job. Lower wage bills with more effective teams. Gain advantages in public procurement as governments introduce localisation clauses.

Act Today for a Healthier Business

Understand what these changes mean for your business. Access free consultations and materials by getting in touch with TERA. 

Prioritise. What steps would bring the biggest benefits in the shortest amount of time?

Meet. Set up a meeting with department heads and discuss your top ranked changes.

Plan. Turn meeting minutes into a realistic plan of action. What is immediately achievable? What help do you need and where will you get it?

Act. Decide you will lead these changes and commit to taking action each week


TERA is here to help. 

The Ethical Recruitment Agency is a company dedicated to empowering other businesses to succeed through workforce solutions and professionalisation.


Calculate the costs and gains of adopting more ethical business practices

Calculate the costs and gains of adopting more ethical business practices

Strategic investments can make a world of difference in construction sites. It can take courage to make investments. Having the right data can reduce uncertainty, make it more likely that investments will pay off and help you succeed. And when you succeed, so do your workers.

So what investments can bring your business success and improve staff welfare? Enter a few basic details on this page and let our interactive tool draw on the latest industry research to show you how your investments can pay off for you and your staff.