Ethical Recruitment: The Way of the Future

At The Ethical Recruitment Agency (TERA), we enable leading global brands and their suppliers to recruit their workforce ethically. From S&P 500 companies to small contractors, our clients are at the forefront of innovation and supply chain responsibility.

Reason to Recruit

We provide a fully personalized recruitment service

We develop tailored staffing solutions that respond to your company’s unique needs. Our agile model enables us to rapidly meet demands for low and semi-skilled labor in a range of sectors and from several different countries.

We select high-quality workers and conduct pre-deployment training

We rigorously vet and screen every applicant to ensure we are providing reliable and high-performing workers. After the selection process, we deliver comprehensive pre-deployment training and orientation so that successful candidates are prepared to deliver high-quality work from day one.

We ensure full brand protection for employers

TERA makes it easier for employers to take control of their supply chains. We satisfy the highest worker welfare standards at competitive prices. We refuse to charge workers any fees, which protects them from debt at no extra cost to their employers. We also monitor our workers, giving employers live insights into their supply chains.

Which industries do we recruit for?


We guarantee clients rapid delivery of motivated workers within a wide range of industries, including construction, domestic work, hospitality, oil and gas, retail, facility management and more.



Consumer Goods

Domestic work

Oil and gas

Garment & Textile

Other industries

Facilities Management